An opportunity for Red Bird Christian School upperclassmen is learning what it takes to be a leader. Guidance Counselor, Jennifer Wilder, is tackling the challenge of allowing teens to take concepts and turn them into action.  Mrs. Wilder had this to say about the first semester, “During the first semester we focused a lot on our core values…as they have a great deal do do with how and to where we lead. We also learned about different communication styles…and how they interact with one another.”

The class began with the teens looking inward through prompts and journaling with Sean Covey‘s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  They are forming habits to serve them as they become Christian leaders in all aspects of their lives. Many of us have read the popular book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  The book by Sean Covey is an adaptation of his father’s.  Sean takes the same ‘habits’ and makes them relatable to teens.  

The class will shift focus with the second semester.  “Now, this second semester, our focus turns to leadership skills, using Student Leadership Challenge curriculum ( written by James Kouzes and Barry Posner) that includes a self-study and feedback from those close to us…to determine our areas of strength and needs for improvement. We are learning that leadership is for everyone. It is about relationships and is an ongoing process.” added Mrs. Wilder.

Armed with those developing habits students are out and about in the Red Bird community to put those thoughts and ideas to work.  Christian Collett, Leadership Class Student, said the most rewarding part of the class has been, “getting to know a kid [younger student] while working with them.”

The class has: worked with elementary classes weekly, served as role models for students in elementary chapel, spread inspiration through notes and bulletin boards in the school, packaged food for at risk students to ensure they have food to eat over the weekend, accompanied students with area police to shop for Christmas presents, and many other tasks.

When asked about their experiences in Leadership Class, the students related various insights and examples, but Rachel had a great summary of the experience. She had this to say about the class, “I have learned how to be a better leader.  I can show this by helping others…we took kids to Walmart and helped them shop…we showed them we cared”.