Expansion of Red Bird Christian School’s Christian Leadership Program continues to inspire students and staff alike.  Three weeks before the official start of school five students committed to a week of learning about human trafficking, not a light subject for students to explore.

With the help of The General Board of Church and Society and Aimee Hong, Seminar Director, we began our journey on a hot Monday in July.   This would be a new experience so a mix of excitement and anxiousness was running through the group. One student, Emma in 8th grade, had this to say, “I want to learn what to do to help people not become a victim.”

We were fortunate enough to speak with advocates and victims alike.  The seminar program taught us the reality of Human Trafficking. To process the information we participated in a Poetry Slam.  Each student found a unique perspective touching on slave labor, sex trafficking, and the despair that victims feel. Armed with a new understanding, the group prepared to discuss the topic on Capital Hill.

We planned for our visit to Congressman Hal Rogers’ office to wrap up our stay in Washington, D.C..  Each student had a vital piece of the overall topic to discuss. Our Seminar Coordinator, Amber Feezor, walked our group through a plan to effectively communicate to our Legislative Representatives our new found knowledge for treatment of all people with dignity.  

A vital piece of the experience was to arm staff, teachers, and students with knowledge to fight against trafficking in our own backyard.  The seminar students also lead chapel and devotion at school and submitted an article in the school news magazine. The intention is to stop trafficking before it begins as well as give our community the ability to recognize and intervene when possible.  

Be sure to look out for our Christian Leaders on campus and around the world!  Without your donation these programs don’t exist. The school news magazine is available at 606.598.2416. Support the school with a monthly donation at Educate A Student.