asbury visit 1.16_0

Students from Ms. Gordon’s Modern Literature class traveled to Asbury University this week to learn from an expert.  All juniors and seniors are enrolled in the Modern Literature course (just under 50 students).  Part of the curriculum is reading “The Fellowship of the Ring” and seeing how Christians can use pop culture (literature and movies) to witness to others, focusing on people who don’t want to hear about the Bible directly.

Ms. Gordon had this to say about her class research leading to Asbury, “Not a connoisseur of fantasy literature myself, I started learning more about Tolkien to understand how he himself admitted to the series being infused with Christianity, yet unintentionally.” She goes on to find, “One of the authors that kept popping up was Dr. Devin Brown, a premier expert on Tolkien (and C.S. Lewis).  When I discovered he worked at Asbury, I contacted him about coming to Red Bird this fall.”

While at Asbury, students will attend a “mini college class.”  The focus of the trip is about Tolkien, Fantasy & Christian literature; and talking about what to expect in college and preparing for those expectations.  Dr. Brown, along with a church from Michigan, has supplied the funds for busing, books, audio, and teaching resources.  Asbury is providing the students with lunch, admissions presentation, and tour of the campus.