A Play written and co-produced by Mrs. Rebecca Smallwood, Mr. Mark Smallwood co-producer

Christmas Play 2015_1

High and lifted up

Jesus, Son of God,

The Darling of Heaven crucified

Worthy is the Lamb!

This song, ‘Worthy is The Lamb’ by Hillsong, could have easily been the anthem for the Red Bird Christian School Christmas Play this year, ‘Mary’s Lamb.’  The play, an original written by 5th Grade teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Smallwood, opens with Mary reflecting back on her life as she works on a piece of mosaic artwork. Other actors play the part of ‘Child Mary’ and ‘Teen Mary’ reliving events throughout her life that culminates in Mary’s understanding how Jesus, her Lamb, also became her Lion.

Mrs. Smallwood has worked with school productions for Christmas, Appalachian plays, ‘The Story of Red Bird’ play, and madrigals since the early days of her work here with Red Bird Mission.  This is her 27th year penning original plays and skits for the school. Rebecca though is quick to point out that the inspiration for all her creative work comes from God alone.

Once she is inspired from above, Mrs. Smallwood then takes a long day (and a big bottle of Pepsi) to write out the story line, frame by frame, from the scenes that play out in her head. The Christmas play incorporates every student in the school from the 4th grade to 12th grade as actors, dancers, soloists, or choristers.

For this last production, the Intermediate Band and High School Band performed contemporary and traditional Christmas music to set the festive mood. The dialogue utilizing the concept of younger and older Mary mixed with contemporary choruses and traditional Christmas songs kept the attention of the audience throughout the nine scenes. The Choir closed the program with Big Daddy Weave’s, ‘The Lion and The Lamb’, and ‘Worthy is The Lamb’ by Hillsong.

The many student solos and numerous speaking parts incorporated into the songs created an opportunity for evangelism to the larger community. Since the cafeteria ran out of seats last year, free tickets were given out this year to plan for seating. Over 300 seats were set up but seats continued to be at a premium for this year with approximately 450 people in attendance.

How do you tell the people you meet about the Lamb of God?  Check out how the students did it if you missed the live event.  Please check out the highlight video on YouTube https://t.co/kj5hCURHz1 or short clips of raw footage at Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/socialstream/21659228.

Merry Christmas from Red Bird Mission and School!