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Students were encouraged to pick up schedules and meet teachers the week before classes started. A new 7th grade student, Maddy, exclaimed, “I will never get this!”  when she read over her class schedule during Back to School night. The different schedules for different days were a little overwhelming for her.

The first week of classes was a little confusing for new students and teachers alike. With two weeks under their belts now, everyone seems to be settling into the schedule that some were not familiar with before coming to RBCS. What seemed confusing on paper has been easy to implement in practice.

Red Bird Christian School uses a rotating schedule for middle and high school classes. For Tuesday and Thursday core subjects, such as math and English, students alternate meeting for a ‘skinny’ class period consisting of 30 minutes. For example, if students are in Mrs. Collett’s English class, they would stay in the same class through the next period. In essence; teachers are able to continue a class for an extra 30 minutes twice a week. This also helps accommodate 38 min for Chapel on Wednesdays. Monday and Friday classes are regular period classes ranging from 46-49 minutes. And that is the ‘Skinny’ on schedules at RBCS.