Dorm parents have been hired. Work by volunteers on renovations of the Girls Dorm progresses each week. Applications are being reviewed from interested students. Red Bird Christian High School will be ready to reopen the dormitory program for the first time since its closure in 2010.

Previously, the residential program primarily served students living within the mountain communities of southeastern Kentucky. Living on campus provided a safe, nurturing environment that produced many Christian leaders that are scattered across the country.

Dr. Taylor Collins has been instrumental in implementing a vision that gives students living outside of eastern Kentucky opportunity to be a part of the “Red Bird Experience”. Not only will students from across the United States be considered for admittance, but applications have been made with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to receive international students.

“The dorms will open with an expanded mission. Our goal is to develop leaders for the Church, for the private sector and for government service,” said Dr. Collins. “There is a paucity of young people going into the ministry and there is a critical need for ethical-moral leaders in the corporate and political sectors.” Students will experience seminars on leadership plus practical experiences.

Students interested in a boarding school education are now finding Red Bird Christian School listed on Boarding School Review ( Information may be requested now through the Red Bird Christian School (RBCS) website – A website featuring the residential program is also being launched that will provide more comprehensive information about the residential program and Red Bird Christian School.

Contact us to find out how you can be part of this exciting ministry!