Hard work over the summer is paying off for teams this school year. Coaches for the Girls High School Basketball, High School Volleyball, and Elementary Girls and Boys Basketball teams all started conditioning before school began. Players are getting fit with longer stamina which in turn is translating into better scores on the court. A large majority of students participate in at least one sport during the school year. Red Bird Christian School’s commitment to excellence is not only showing up in academics, but all areas for students.


The High School Volleyball Varsity is working hard to teach new players fundamentals and work as a team. Mrs. Stacey Vaughn, a volunteer at Red Bird Christian School, said, “They are one determined group of girls. The team captains are so encouraging. Soon they will be a force hard to compete with.” The JV team is having success on the court and ready to continue their winning season.

Mrs. Kristi, the girls’ elementary basketball coach, has high expectations for her players. In the locker room after the first set of games she very clearly told the girls, “I don’t want you on the team unless you are going to give it 100%.” Some players were losing momentum toward the end of the game. She then asked each player to only show up for practice the next day if they were ready to work harder than they ever have. The entire team showed for practice and left exhausted. One 10 year old gave a weak smile after practice and said, “We survived!” They are learning that they can do things they never thought they could.

As for the High School Girls Basketball, Coach Tonya Asher had this to say about the season, “The Red Bird High School Girls basketball team participated in a summer work out program this year. It consisted of conditioning and also working on their fundamentals. They are continuing to condition until official practice begins on Oct. 15th. We are looking forward to an exciting season; so far we have ten members on the team.”

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