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The changes from just a few months ago are incredible.  Remodeling has transformed the living space for a wide range of students and is about at ½ capacity.  When speaking to students from both the girls and boys dorm, several themes continued to come up in conversation.  Things like friendship, caring Dorm Parents, support and encouragement from staff, and a Christian environment were repeated by more than one student.

Here are a few highlights of my conversations this week.  I asked them what they liked most about living in the Residential Program at Red Bird Christian School.

Rebecca a Kentucky native – “We just started the Leadership Program this Saturday about Courtship.  Pastor Greg talked to us about the differences in dating and courtship.  You want the courtship because it takes it slow and can lead to (a Christian) marriage. “

Ozeias from the Democratic Republic of the Congo – “We can make time for devotions everyday and some Saturdays we go to the Leadership Program”

Seth from Colorado – “feeling like I’m at home and everyone seems like family in the dorm” and “Marching Band was a really fun experience for me.”

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Megan from the local area –  “They help you learn more about God.”

Chris from up state New York – “We have great (Dorm) parents that really care about us.  I enjoy having teachers that care for you, not just your education.”

Konya, Sierra Leone – “ I like Ms. Gail (Dorm Parent) …and the teachers are so encouraging.”

Anmol, New York – “ The dorm program here has…changed many lives already. It allows us to pursue our Christian faith. … and get an awesome education.  Red Bird Christian School is way better than any public school I’ve ever attended.”

Look for further updates as the Residential Program continues to develop and mature.