In March the Red Bird Christian School welcomed the Christian Schools International accreditation team to campus. The visit provided an opportunity for staff and parents to show off our wonderful Christian school.  The team was made up of: Sharon Gregory, The June Buchanan School; Larry Gritton, Oneida Baptist Institute; Sheryl Jo, Christian Schools International; Joel Westa, Christian Schools International; Bob VanWieren, Christian Schools International;  Richard Edlin, Edserv International and Christian Education National of New South Wales, Australia.

The team met with students, parents, teachers, staff, and administration to verify goals RBCS set for improvement.  The primary purpose of the visit was to:

  • analyze Red Bird Christian School’s improvement plan –  ‘The site visit team’s initial assessment of Red Bird Christian School ‘s developing School Improvement Plan is that the goals and objectives of the plan are clearly articulated and they the strategies and activities designed to carry out this work have been established.’
  • to work with the school’s staff and board to clarify the goals of the school – ‘Red Bird Christian School’s documents of guiding principles–mission, vision, statement of faith,    covenants, core values–have been recently reviewed and updated. They are concise and well articulated.’
  • to partner with Red Bird Christian School’s staff and board to identify measures which will be used to document progress on stated goals -Many of the measures were found to be in the process and further expertise was given for the school to fine tune development of the school and strive toward students ‘Entering to Learn and Leaving to Serve’

Several commendations were highlighted from the team including:

  • Red Bird Christian School has a welcoming, “family” atmosphere. Students expressed that they feel wanted and valued in the diverse student body. We heard the word “family” often describing the culture from parents, students and teachers.  Broadening the enrollment through the international student program has invigorated the school.
  • Many of the international students shared that they valued the Christian perspective.
  • Nearly 80% of faculty members have earned MAs
  • The intentional Christian culture of Red Bird Christian School is apparent
  • The music program is bringing together diverse cultures in a Christ-filled and dynamic manner.
  • The academics and culture of Red Bird Christian School have been transformed since the last school improvement plan.

Other insights the team had regarding our dedicated staff are that, ‘Small class sizes provide teachers greater opportunity for differentiation. School culture and personal communications by teachers appear to support the assertion that most teachers plan for meeting individual student needs.’ and ‘Teachers are highly qualified, willing to share their faith, competent in using assessment results and technology, see value in collaboration with colleagues, and are committed to seeking out professional development opportunities. These qualities demonstrate instructional leadership at Red Bird Christian School and a desire by staff to create a healthy and dynamic learning climate.’  The site visit team recommends Red Bird Christian School to the Christian Schools International Accreditation Commission and the AdvancED Commission for FULL ACCREDITATION!

The hard work of everyone involved in making Red Bird Christian School the institution it is today will impact students for years to come.  The team did state that the financial stability of the school will only come with a larger endowment. You will hear more about the efforts for the endowment in the near future.  Keep an eye out for how you can continue to partner with us to ensure a solid Christian foundation for the students of the Red Bird area.