Thank you for your interest in Red Bird Christian School and Red Bird Mission Dormitory Program.

Our motto at RBCS is “Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.” Students are presented with a college preparatory curriculum that is infused with intentional, faith-based essential questions guided by Scripture. RBCS students have multiple opportunities, in and out of the classroom, to cultivate their Biblical worldview preparing them for a lifetime of Christian service.


Dorm Application Process:  STEPS TO APPLY

1.  Complete Application (includes Financial Agreement and 3 Reference Letters)

Dorm-School Application — International Students

Dorm-School Application — Local/National Students


2.  Make sure the following supporting documents are completed, signed and included:

1.  __ Official High School Transcripts—with grading scales included

2.  __ Copy of Birth Certificate

3.  __ Copy of Passport OR Social Security Card-must be readable

4.  __ Proof of Income

5.  __ Proof of Vaccinations/Immunizations

6.  __ All Supplement forms


3.  For the latest information, refer to the RBCS Dormitory Handbook.



a.  Fall Semester: Complete Applications must be received by May 1st

b.  Spring Semester: Complete Applications must be received by December 1st


5.  Send to:

Red Bird Christian School
Attn: Dorm Committee
15420 South Hwy. 66
Beverly, KY  40913

filling out ap