Academic Life at Red Bird Christian School

A fully accredited kindergarten through 12th grade school characterized by academic integrity, rigor, acumen, and clear focus.

ECD-Early Childhood Development

ECD is for those children who are not quite old enough for kindergarten, but still need to develop social interactions with students their age. In ECD many children will be taking their first steps in academia. Our staff watch over children three to five years old. The schedule for ECD is Monday through Thursday from 8 to 3 pm or 9:30 to 1:30 pm.

Elementary-Kindergarten through 5th grade

Our elementary teachers vary in background and experience. Starting in kindergarten students can expect a rigorous learning environment. Red Bird Elementary is a place where children can go and further their walk with Christ through a religious oriented study. Our elementary classrooms are all self contained with a homeroom teacher.

Middle School-6th through 8th grade

Middle School at Red Bird is the first chance that students get to transition from class to class. Students are given more control of their schedules and the elective classes that they want to take. Our 6th grade academy acts as a gap academy between our elementary and our middle school. The 6th grade academy is self contained and S.T.E.A.M. oriented.

High School- 9th through 12th grade

Our High School at Red Bird Christian School is focused on creating the leaders of tomorrow. Our education system is faith based and Christ oriented. Our high school students have three options for a degree path. Our students can choose to pursue a regular diploma, a STEAM oriented certificate, or take high school and college dual credit classes. Any pathway a student chooses to take leads to a stronger understanding of faith and allows students to break successful after high school.